The Key Players

David Foster

Founder of RPS Solutions

David is the kind of person that keeps a friendly handshake in his pocket, but leads his team with an encouraging fist-bump or high-five. He is a Texas Tech graduate from Post, TX who is passionate about his family and days spent with his wife and 4 sons on the lake. He can be described as the kind of person who has never met a stranger and his infectious energy and bright personality can be found livening up RPS headquarters.
As a founder of RPS, David uses his passion for people to establish meaningful relationships within his workplace as well as within client interactions. RPS utilizes his talents and dreams to customize their products and services specifically around the needs of their clients. He believes that innovation occurs in right- place, right-time instances, so he makes it his job to make sure that his team is always ready to embrace it.

Ronnie Bilbo

Founder of RPS Solutions

Ronnie is a golf connoisseur from Post, TX that can spin a good tale, but will always tell it to you straight. Ronnie and his founding partner started RPS Solutions 25 years ago and just like his business, he likes to “grow people” into their full potential. Ronnie is a West Texas husband and father of two boys who can often be caught using Southern metaphors to get his point across. You do not want Ronnie to tell you that you’re “all hat and no cattle.” He’s also a proud Texas Tech graduate and is “all in” when it comes to tailgating, Red Raider style.
Through his role as founder of RPS, Ronnie is known for his empirical creativity, strategic development, and overall operational wisdom. He takes the needs of his clients and meets them with the talent of his team, connecting the dots in an efficient and personal way. Ronnie’s business mantra is “create an environment where it will work”. It’s this manner of thinking that has enabled RPS to blossom into a company that works hard, and is always ready to embrace new, revolutionary technologies.

Tyneal Buckner

Marketing Manager of RPS Solutions

Tyneal is a vivacious wife and mother of two boys. She’s dedicated to work that blows the doors off of expectations and is known to take an active approach to life inside and outside of the office. Her family shares her passion for adventure and the Buckner bunch can be seen anywhere from the county stock show, to the lake for a day of waterskiing, or bird hunting at the lease. A Texas Tech graduate, Tyneal is an avid DIY-er that harbors the personal philosophy of “Stick-to-itiveness” and intense focus. With all of this excitement in her life, it’s no accident that she crossed paths with the safety industry!
As CrudeHands Marketing Manager of RPS Solutions, Tyneal applies her passion for people and talent of forging lasting relationships to connect her clients to innovative safety solutions. Currently, her efforts are in “fighting the good fight” for oilfield workers by promoting CrudeHands, a revolutionary line of impact hand protection. One of Tyneal’s favorite parts of her role at RPS is the opportunity she has to bring pride into the professions of those she serves.