SmartSkin Impact Gloves

      CrudeHands Commitment

  • Superior impact protection – up to 100% better!

  • Enhanced fingertip protection.

  • Patented D3O® technology.

  • Comfortable, flexible, breathable.

  • Durable and resilient.

  • Machine washable.

  • Oil-resistant.



D3O SmartSkin

The D3O SmartSkin material is an innovative protective sheet that allows for even more uses in complex shapes than previously possible because of its slimmer profile. The ability to heat-bond the material straight to the surface of the product eliminates the need for pocketing or hook & loop systems.

  • Savings for manufacturing costs

  • Heat bonding or sewing for improved integration

  • D3O Components are exposed

  • Capability to print design on product

  • Resistant to abrasions

  • Resistant to UVs


Many markets are using D3O SmartSkin Technology.

Many markets are taking advantage of the D3O SmartSkin technology including:

  • Motorcycle

  • Sports

  • Footwear

  • Electronics

  • Defense & Law Enforcement Protection

  • Industrial & Medical

Below are a few of many brands that are embracing this new technology.  Click on their logos to find out more about how they are incorporating D3O in their products.

Xion-logo tech21-logo snickers-workwear-logo schutt rukka-logo karrimor-logo


Impact Gloves

43% of all injuries that happen in the oil and gas industry involve the worker’s hands and fingers. With such a high statistic, hand protection is a crucial part of the job. “Struck by” injuries are extremely common on incident claims due to the amount of risk that these workers face in the field on a daily basis.
The concept of treating work gloves as part of workers’ PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) regimen is a mindset that we want to instill in industrial workers; hence building good stewardship of their companies valuable resources. CrudeHands gloves are not meant to be disposable like TPR (Thermo-Plastic Resin, or fancy plastic), but are to be taken care of in order to prolong their use. CrudeHands uses D3O technology to create a glove that is breathable, flexible, and offers your hands the best kind of protection. Impact resistant gloves allow your hands to endure the toughest conditions working those long 12-hour shifts in the field, and then waking up only to do the same thing the next day. Not equipping yourself with the best hand protection on the market is just asking for a costly injury to happen, and could even result in lost work days. CrudeHands shock and impact resistant SmartSkin D3O technology can help protect your hands from the hazards roughnecks face on the job every day.

Risk is everywhere in this industry, can your gloves handle the impact?