Industrial professionals earn their roughneck name. Even in the best conditions, they are still engaging in one of the toughest jobs in the world. Therefore, keeping them safe is a constant priority. This is why we made sure that our CrudeHands gloves provide a new level of protection that is superior to traditional TPR gloves by 100%. The following case studies are representative of common hand injuries that even the most experienced roughnecks can encounter on the job. With safety risks acting as a persistent variable within this vigorous lifestyle, it’s important to us to be mindful of these hazards so we can continue to offer the best protection possible.

The following were obtained from the International Association of Drill Contractors.

Broken Finger Injury from Laying Out Drill Pipe

The Incident: A floor man instructed to put nipples onto a drill pipe as it was being lowered from the floor to the catwalk removed a lifting cap prematurely, causing the drill pipe to tilt and fracture the floor man’s thumb.

The Result: It was determined that this incident was the result of lack of awareness in regards to safety and job-site procedure. The solution was to open the lines of communication between rig personnel and supervisors, as well as implement additional SJA instruction.

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Hand Injury is Sustained During Rig Move

The Incident: A crane operator and rig personnel member were moving a set of 2100 lb. stairs away from the top dog house when the crane operator, thinking that he was in the clear, picked up the stairs suddenly and saw that they were in a bind. Upon this realization, he ceased movement, causing the bind to snap and sending the stairs swinging in the direction of the rig personal member’s hand which was misplaced between the stair handrail and air conditioning unit.

The Result: It was determined that this incident was the result of lack of intuitive preparation of the crane operator and rig personnel member. To prevent future incidents of this nature, the rig officials implemented additional instruction related to preventative measures relevant to line of sight, crane operation, and personal awareness.

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Hand Injury the Result of Gloved Hand Caught in Pipe Spinner

The Incident: A floor man was assisting a crew in pulling pipe spinners onto the joint of a drill pipe. A mishap in hand placement caused the floor man’s glove to get caught in the spinner, resulting in multiple fractures to the middle finger.

The Result: It was determined that this incident occurred due to lack of awareness of the floor man and crew regarding proper hand placement. To prevent future accidents of this nature, supervisors implemented additional instruction regarding personal awareness, identifying potential hazards, and reinforced the importance of JSA procedure.

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